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Predator Kits Rolled out for Local Schools

The Ruamahanga Restoration Trust is pleased to announce a special partnership with Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre and Enviroschools Wairarapa to distribute predator kits as part of an educational initiative to help school students understand the need and benefit of wildlife monitoring and predator trapping.

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Student Scientists Test Local Waters

Students engaged in water analysis activities gain such a rich learning experience, using Water Analysis Kits to help understand more about the health of the waterways behind their school.

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Year 10 Students Get Stuck In

Students got stuck into a two-day restoration programme in the lowland forest wetland area around Rathkeale College this week — all made possible thanks to support from the Ruamahanga Restoration Trust, along with funding assistance from Eastern & Central Community Trust.

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Trail Cams Snap Predators

Secondary students install trail cameras as part of a site monitoring project in an area of regenerating bush bordering the Ruamahanga River.

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Predator monitoring programme

Year 11 students along with pest and predator consultant John Bissell placed chew cards and trail cameras along the Rathkeale Eco Trail as part of a site monitoring project.

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